Why the overweight kids don’t notice the problem?

Most of the kids between the age of 8 to 12, that are overweight, don’t look at the excess of kilograms as a health problem, shows the researches.

Instead, these kids are worried about what this excess of kilograms means for their look. What is worse, their parents also don’t look the possible health problem. The problem is that parents often don’t have a way to encourage the kids to follow the healthy food and to engage in more physical activities.

The researchers conducted a research over 158 kids and 6 families. They examined the nutrition and the nutritious habits of the kids and questioned them for their attitude about the healthy living and the overweight. Although, they tried to find out what kind of help is needed to the kids and to their parents to improve their habits.overweight-boy-rex

The researchers concluded that the parents are looking at kids overweight as a social problem and are worried if their kids will be more or less accepted by their friends. The parents say that they feel unable to help in the case with excess of kilograms and admit that often they are bad examples. The healthy nutrition is seen negatively among the kids. One kid about the healthy nutrition said: “My mom is ‘making’ me to eat fruit”.

To some level both the parents and the kids know that the overweight is a health risk: “When you talk to them a bit more, the health will be mentioned sometimes, but it is not the first thing they think about”.

The scientists say that the language that parents use is not very encouraging. They seek to be simple, so they say to their kids things like: ‘Don’t eat that!’, ‘Move away from the fridge’, ‘Get up and move’, etc. The scientists suggest parents to be more positive. Also, the parents can be very busy so they forget about the healthy living. They eat in fast food restaurants, because they have no time to prepare a meal. However, to change the kids, firstly the parents should change!