Why you SHOULDN’T SMOKE right after having a meal?!

The strong desire for a cigarette and urge to smoke right after having a meal is something that many smokers are dealing with all the time. They light up the cigarette thinking that it will contribute in digestion, but the science doesn’t approve this theory.

Namely, the cigarette especially irritates the colons, but also the rest of the digestive system. The nicotine link to the oxygen in the blood, because after meal, when the digestive system works more than usual, the oxygen is absorbed easily. Because of that, smoking right after having a meal could provoke series of problems in the digestive system, from irritations to serious diseases.

People that suffer of ulcerative colitis and syndrome of irritable colon should avoid smoking at all costs, and the smokers should quit smoking after meal, because smoking additionally worsts the symptoms of their diseases and makes difficult the digestion.

Numerous researches have shown that smoking right after having a meal is 10 times worse than the normal. Precisely, 1 smoked cigarette equals at 10.

That’s why, you should wait at least 30 minutes, so you can light up your first cigarette.