Why you SHOULDN’T take the mobile phone with you in the bathroom?!

We all have taken the mobile phones with us in the bathroom at least once, and we haven’t been aware how dangerous it really is.

First of all, going to the bathroom with the mobile phone is a bad habit with which you could infect yourself and the others with salmonella, Escherichia and many other bacteria.

The main problem occurs after you wipe yourself, then flush the toilet and right after that you touch the phone, without washing your hands firstly. It’s really interesting that, if you even put the phone on the washing machine, it still could be exposed to bacteria.

If you still don’t want to leave the phone and you still continue to go in the bathroom with it, the health experts advise that we should take some measures.

While you sit on the toilet seat, you hold the phone in the right hand. When you have to wipe yourself, get the phone with the left hand, wipe yourself and flush the toilet. Get out the mobile phone (still with the left hand) and then get back and wash your hands”, advised Doctor Lisa Oakley, hygiene expert and added that it is very important to take care of what you’re touching.

If you touch the phone right after defecating and wiping yourself, you don’t even have to try washing your hands, because all the bacteria you transferred to the phone, will get back on your hands immediately. These could be your bacteria, but even someone else’s” – concluded Doctor Oakley.