The controversial Atkins diet can decrease the number of seizures at kids, claim the American scientist from the “Johns Hopkins University”.

Atkins diet refers to increased consumption of fats and reduced consumption of carbohydrates, but many experts are criticizing the diet and believe that it’s connected with the increased risk for appearance of some deceases, such as kidney deceases.

However this research, that have been conducted on 6 patients (in which 3 were under 12 years old), have shown that Atkins diet can help in controlling of the epilepsy.

The patients in period of 4 months have been submitted on mitigated version of Atkins diet, so it was allowed them to consume 10 g of carbohydrates daily.

Because of deficiency of glucose, the organism of the patients started to produce ketones, chemical by- product of the fats, for which is found that can thinner the seizures.

At the end of the research 2 kids and 1 adult never ever had seizures, and they were able to reduce the taking of medicaments for seizure prevents.

The patients that were on Atkins diet have not had seizures in within 20 months.

Because of the small number of examinees in the research, the scientists warn that the Atkins diet should not be used as a routine treatment for epilepsy.