With right nutrition against diarrhea

Almost everyone of us felt the torments caused by the diarrhea. Mostly it’s just a quick attack that lasts shortly. But the diarrhea often is a repetitive act, chronic problem, whose causer is mostly unknown.

Simply, the diarrhea means a lot of liquids in the feces that causes frequently liquid bowel movements. It’s a result of reduced absorption of water in the intestines, increased secretion of liquids or both in the same time. The bacteria, such as Escherichia and staphylococcus can lead to diarrhea stimulating the secretion of the water. But it can be also caused by some laxatives. The most anatomy-160524_1280common causes are from the bacteria, parasitic and virus infections, allergies or even the sensitivity on the stomach for some products or ingredients, but also diseases such as celiac disease.

It’s undeniable that the food can cause, make it worse or ease the diarrhea. Be sure that the food you consume can extend or shorten the duration of the temporary episodes of the diarrhea. With the right products, you can shorten the treatment by 1/3.

Is the starvation the right solution?

The most important thing is not to stop eating. Natural medicine is the best help in treating the diarrhea. But there are still some supporters saying that it’s better to stop eating. The truth is that if you continue consuming food, the diarrhea will stop sooner. Consume dense liquids, because they contain more nutrients than the others. Dense soup and the juices made by any of the starchy products, such as the rice, corn, wheat, oats or potato, are great medicine against the diarrhea. They will decrease the feeling of sickness and liquid losses. Drink yogurt, rice milk, mash or the liquid from the boiled rice, carrot and potato soup or mashed apples and bananas. Eat little, but often and take small quantity of food so you can prevent torments in the stomach.