Wrap your legs in aluminum foil and leave it for an hour and the result will SHOCK you!

The aluminum foil could be found in almost every household, because it could be used in many ways. But, you didn’t know for some of them.

Relax immediately

Believe it or not, you can cure tiredness and insomnia with the aluminum foil. All you need to do is to cut the foil on strips and put them in a fridge 2 to 4 hours. After that, put them on your face, especially on your eyebrows and eyelids. The muscles will relax immediately and you will be fresh, as you have slept for a whole night.

Soothes painful joints

Arthritis, heel pain, gout- all of these problems could be soothed by the aluminum foil. Just wrap it around the painful area and then additionally wrap it with a bandage in order to keep the foil on place. Keep it for the whole night and take it off in the morning. Repeat this procedure for two weeks and you won’t notice the pain again. ATTENTION: After doing the two weeks’ treatment, a two weeks’ break should be done necessarily!

Cures cold

Wrap your feet with 5 or 7 layers of aluminum foil and leave it for an hour. Take the foil off, let the feet “breathe” for a few hours, then repeat. The other day, you will feel like a new person!