Yelling and aggression makes sick the children!

If the parents yell all the time on their kids, it could lead to serious consequences that could affect their physical condition and can even lead to obesity. This is the conclusion made by a group of scientists from the Iowa’s State University.

The rudeness in raising children could lead to healthy issues”- says the chief of the research, professor Thomas Sheffield. He conducted an experiment in which 451 children at the age of 12 took a part together with their parents.

The scientists observed the families’ communication in a period of 8 years, until the kids were at age of 20. The parents were evaluated for manifesting cruelty- physical aggression, threats, forcing the kids to finish some job, selfishness or raising their voice.

After the experiment, the kids had an examination of their physical condition.

Prof. Sheffield announces that too strict upbringing creates chronical stress at children, and the consequences could appear even when they grow up. The stressful upbringing could affect negatively on the brain development at the child.

The scientists show that among the negative consequences could appear hormonal imbalance, inflammatory processes and cardiovascular problems.

Parents shouldn’t be cruel. If we want to make sure that our children will be healthy, it is best to avoid noisy quarrels”- said Prof. Sheffield.