You can’t get buttoned the first button on your shirt? You are about to have a HEART ATTACK!!

The scientists from Brazil came to an alarming discovery! The men who can’t get buttoned the first button on their shirt (the button on the neck) are threatening to have a heart attack!

The men with a thicker neck are at a bigger risk to have a heart attack. The scientists examined almost  4.000 men and founded that the average neck at men is 15 inches (38 cm).

Increasing the neck size for only 1 inch according to this average, increases the chances of diabetes for 32%, 24% of higher blood pressure, 22% for having lower good cholesterol and almost 50% to have a high level of triglycerides.

The fat deposits on the neck could lead to inflammation of the blood vessels. If your neck is wider than 16 inches, you should check your blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol, because you have three or more different factors for appearance of a heart disease.