You can’t stop smoking?! We bring you 14 advises which will make them disgusting!

It is very easy to get addicted to the cigarettes, but the real struggle is to throw them out. Read these advices and you will quit smoking.

The smoking causes many diseases, starting from vascular and respiratory system to different types of carcinoma, and every year it kills around 6 million people every year, including 600.000 non-smokers, which get diseased and die as a result of passive smoking.

Choose the non-smoking advantages – physical (discontinuance of coughs and inflammations, normalization of blood pressure), emotional (increase of self-confidence and self-respect), financial – the home budget will increase.

Specify the quitting day.

Prepare physically – you need a preparation to quit smoking. It is good to start with breathing exercises and light cardio exercise.

Psychological preparation – remember the motives for which you want to quit smoking.

Plan some rewards – they will motivate you.

Watch the smokers and imitate them.

Quit smoking with a ceremony – celebrate your decision of quitting.

Intake more liquids – put in the first instance, water and natural juices. Be careful with the nutrition.

Find more time for relaxing – relax on daily, weekly and yearly base.

Wake up the ability for fantasies – strengthen up the ability of positive thinking.

Use your spiritual strength.

Decrease the cravings – anytime you feel a desire for a cigarette, take a shower or go out for fresh air.

If you are stumbling – if you did lighten up a cigarette, do not give up, but start over. Relapsing is a part of the therapy, but it should be analyzed. Consider why you have reached for the cigarette and try to notice what should you do the next time you reach for the cigarette.

Do not forget the double win: help somebody else to quit smoking.