You didn’t know this FOR SURE about the period! Have a look, it will help you!

The period is different from one women to another, in frequency, duration and color. The cycles could tell a lot of the gynecological health of the woman. Actually, the period could help you find less or more serious health problems. That’s why, observing your cycle, and other symptoms during your period, you could track your entire health.

See what the period says about your health

Color and flow

According to Dr. Alissa Vitti, a Holistic health advisor, there are 3 basic colors which refer to periods, and the colors are similar to frozen blueberry, strawberry jam and cranberry juice.

See if the bleeding is small in that period. This is always a sign of something serious, including:

Hormone imbalance– which occurs as a result of progesterone and estrogen imbalance, mostly caused by thyroid problems.

Pain– strong menstrual pain which doesn’t go away, wants an urgent medical help. Menstrual cramps are usually a result of high prostaglandin, a hormone which is a part of inflammation process.