You have hemorrhoids? This is the best natural remedy for healing it!

The hemorrhoids are real temptation for the people, especially for the middle age men. The disease is manifested in shape of nodules on the varicose veins, at the end of the colon, i.e. on the rectum.

There are internal and external nodules that are soft and painless until they get inflamed. In worst cases, the disease occurs with the bad lifestyle and bad nutrition.

The disease attacks mostly people who are mainly sitting and move less, and eat small amount of fruits and vegetables. The disease is recognized in the beginning with unbearable itching in the anus area.

Healing of the hemorrhoids

Both, the lighter and severe form, are cured with evaporation over strong tea of ivy leaves and green leaves of onion. Evaporate every morning and every night in duration of 30 minutes. After evaporation, do not throw the tea, but wash with the same tea after defecation.


  • 40 g of stone fem stems
  • 40 g of sticklewort’s flowers and leaves
  • 40 g of oak bark
  • 40 g of ling
  • 20 g of ivy leaves
  • 20 g of teucrium


Chop all the ingredients finely and mix them good. Put 10 g of this mixture in 1 l of boiling water. Cook it for 1 minute covered and let it cool down while covered. Strain the cold tea and pour into a bottle.


Drink 3 times a day for 1 dl before every meal. After drinking the tea, take a spoon of honey. After the meal, take 0.5 dl of the tea and after that take one spoon of natural olive oil.