You have only one coffee cup at work and you wash it only in the office? Here’s why you should throw it away IMMEDIATELY!

We all love drinking coffee at work, during the work or at break. And we usually wash the cup into the kitchen or in the toilet, but this “cleaning” is more harmful than useful.

Charles Gersbach, professor at the Arizona University of microbiology, says that you should more often bring your coffee cup at home and wash it well.

Even 90% of the office cups are full with numerous bacteria, and 20% of them are fecal bacteria.

The cause of this is inadequately cleaning of the cups at work with a common sponge, which is used by lots of people, and it’s unknown where their hands were and are they clean. Some of them are washing the cups only with water.

In order not to make your cup a breeding ground for bacteria, Gersbach recommends to wash your cup at home in a dish washer or in a boiling water. The high temperature kills the bacteria.

If you can’t bring the cup at home for some reason, at least wash it thoroughly with hot water and detergents.