You have seen ‘worms’ in your eyes? It is possible and here’s why!

Does it seem sometimes that something is floating or protrudes in your eye? It’s possible. 70% of the people will recall such experiences and they are fully established. It’s about the so called ‘floaters’.

The floaters are actually shadows which are cast on the retina by tiny clusters of proteins or remains of tissues or blood cells in the eye, reports

The eye is mostly filled with liquid, such as  a gel, so called vitreous, which gives the round shape of the eye. When the light passes through the lens, the light should pass through the vitreous and reach the retina, which is in the back of the eye. The vitreous is mostly composed of water, but there are also proteins in it. The floaters are actually clusters of proteins from the vitreous, thicken into formation that makes them look like worms. Because of their form, they block the light and cast a shadow on the retina, so it seems to us that we see floating worms in our eyes.

Except the clusters of proteins, the floaters could also appear because of the red blood cells that reach the vitreous, but also because of aging. That’s why we don’t have to worry about them.