You have these symptoms and think it’s normal?! You suffer of this disorder!

Most people don’t take serious the amount of gluten in the organism. Maybe you have some of the following health issues, and you’re even not aware that it is about the gluten in your organism.


Flatulence, gasses or digestion problems could be a real torture, but the reason could be very simple. At some people, it’s known that the gluten irritates the digestive tract. Transition on gluten-free nutrition could be the right answer for you.

You get goosebumps

You often have goosebumps? The gluten may be one of the reasons. Insufficiency of vitamin A and goosebumps appear because of the gluten, because it blocks the fat absorption in the intestines.


Even it’s supposed that we should feel more energy after eating, the gluten could have opposite effects at some people. People who can’t break the sugars in the gluten, will experience a serious fall of energy after eating meals that contain gluten.

Autoimmune diseases

If you fight against autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatic arthritis, lupus, scleroderma or multiple sclerosis, it could lead to intolerance of gluten.