You probably haven’t heard about THIS product, but it is THE BEST for your skin!

If you’re looking for a good natural product for skin and hair care, then the Shea butter is the best choice. The butter is gathered from the nuts of Shea trees (Vitellaria paradoxa). It’s used in the African culture for beauty and food for centuries.

Some people say that even the Egyptian queen Nefertiti used this butter every night, so her skin could look pretty.

What’s the Shea butter?

The nuts that grow on the Shea tree is braking, frying and at the end it’s mixed with water in order to get the butter. Then it’s kneaded in order to take out the oil, which will eventually become a Shea butter.

The raw butter contains vitamin A and E, which are well known for their useful benefits. Also, it’s a big source of acids that are crucial for nourishing.

Benefits of Shea butter


Eczema is a condition, where the skin becomes irritating. The healing benefits are making it a perfect remedy against eczema.

Stretch marks

The stretch marks usually appear during pregnancy, but they could also appear because of fast weight gain.

Decrease the appearance of small lines and warts

The Shea butter is a great product for slowing down the aging. The Shea butter also offers a crucial hydration of the skin which helps the skin look healthier. One study has shown that the Shea butter significantly reduces the signs of aging.

Dry skin

The hydrant effects of the Shea butter are making it perfect hydrant crème, especially if you need a deep hydration. You could rub a bit of Shea butter on the dry and cracked heels and arms. Is also offers protective layer to the skin and prevents the infected areas become inflamed.

Chapped lips

Dry or chapped lips could be painful and unattractive. If you suffer from chapped lips during cold weather, then you will be glad that the Shea butter is one of the best natural remedies for chapped lips.


The vitamins A and E collagen increase the effects of the Shea butter and make it a great natural source which helps the wounds to heal and decreases the appearance of scars. The “Wounds” magazine has published a study about the benefits of Shea butter in decreasing the appearances of scars.