You should have Himalayan Salt Lamps in your homes! Here’s why!

The salt lamps are big pieces of pure Himalayan salt with a tiny candle inside, which generates production of negative ions. The negative ions have many positive effects on the organism, and exposure near them makes a feeling similar as relaxing on a beach or near a waterfall.

Benefits for the body:

  • Increases the oxygen flow to the brain, which results with longer wakefulness, decrease of sleepiness and increasing of mental energy in the organism
  • Helps in healing of physical exhaust and fatigue
  • Strengthens the metabolism encouraging the exchange of substances in the stations
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • The negative ions improve the vitality of the muscle tissue

“The negative ions are increasing the oxygen flow to the brain, which results with longer wakefulness and feeling less fatigue”, claims Dr. Pierce J. Howard, director of the research in the Center for Applied Cognitive Science in Charlotte, North Carolina in USA. The negative ions also protect of viruses, which contributes to a healthier respiratory system, so you will cough less and have no irritation on the throat.