You won’t believe in what are prone the sweets lovers!!!

The newest researches showed that excessive enjoy in sweets can serve as a sign for possible genetic predestination for dependence of alcohol, because the level of sugar and alcohol are regulated by the same mechanisms.

The consumption of sweets among the alcoholics has been studied for many years, because it has been considered that the need for sweets is caused by extensive consumption of alcohol.

According to the previous researches it is determined that the alcoholics want more sweets than the non- alcoholics. But it was not known is the need for sweets is caused by extensive consumption of alcohol, or it is a result of alcoholism.

The recent researches gave an answer on that question- the sweet lovers are prone to alcoholism!alcoholic1

The research has been made on 163 alcohol addicts, divided in two groups. On the first group their parents were alcoholics, and on the second group they weren’t. It was given to the examinees to grade the level of sweetness of different products. The results led to data that the first group enjoyed more in the sweets. That led to the fact that there is a connection between the enjoyment in sweets and alcohol.

The reaction for consumption of sweets and alcohol is regulated by the same mechanisms. Those mechanisms are activating during the consumption of sweets or alcohol, and they can be blocked only if one of these products is taken less. Because of that the scientists believe that the kids of alcoholics suffer from genetic anomaly of the brain mechanism that causes increased sensitivity of side effects from alcohol. That’s why the kids are called for this researches so it can be determined possible dependence and to be prevented in early childhood.