You won’t believe what this walnuts partitions tea is useful for!

If we are to believe in traditional recipes than the walnuts partitions are very useful in fight against heart diseases.

Namely, walnuts partitions tea acts against coronary arteries clot. It also acts in increased temperature connected with heart problems, and it is especially recommended for smokers. Also affects on regulating the high blood pressure when it is consumed continuously and in decreasing of chest pains.

Smokers are exposed on higher risk of development of heart attack, especially at long-term smokers. Therefore the smokers are advised to drink this tea, of course with decreasing of cigarette use.


The preparation of this tea is very simple. Before going to sleep, soak in water four or five walnuts partitions. In the morning, make a tea of these partitions, in same way you cook other teas: add the partitions when the water starts boiling move it away from fire. Leave the tea to cool down a bit and drink it on empty stomach. The tea should be drank for longer period without breaks.