You won’t believe which plant improves the memory!!

The Sorbus domestica L, or so called ‘service tree’, is a plant which fruits are picked immature, when they are hard and unpleasant to eat. They are picked in late autumn and early winter. The service tree fruit is like a ‘medlar’ – it’s used for eating even when they got overripe, in winter after the frosts. But when they got soft and dark, they are delicious and nutritious. For medicinal purposes, however, the most used is the immature fruit. In their composition the service tree has enough fructose, which together with the present pectin is making it suitable for jam, jelly, tutti- frutti and similar conserved products, and sometimes for production of brandy.

It is very rich with dry ingredients, inverted sugars with more fructose than glucose, apple acid, tannin, mineral ingredients and other helpful ingredients. Of the vitamins it is important to highlight the vitamin C, and phytochemicals, anticianids and bioflavonoids.

In the traditional medicine the service tree was used for curing dysentery and kidney pains.

Self- growing, economic and resistant service tree have been used by the wise men and the scientists for improving of their memory and for strengthening of the concentration.