Your gums are bleeding?! We bring you a natural and effective remedy against periodontitis!

 Periodontitis is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports your teeth. Periodontitis can cause tooth loss or worse, an increased risk of heart attack or stroke and other serious health problems.

It is common, but largely preventable. Periodontitis is usually the result of poor oral hygiene.

In order to prevent it, we bring you a natural and effective remedy!

Put a bit of dry ginger powder in your mouth and rub it with your tongue on the gums.

Repeat this procedure every day, after every meal, especially if you weren’t able to brush your teeth right after the meal. Use ginger compulsory after brushing your teeth and before sleeping.

It disinfects the mucosa, cleans and strengthens the gums. You will also have significantly fresher breath and in the morning your gums will not bleed.

NOTE: This remedy is also good for the ulcers.