You’re ashamed to lift your hands because of the stains under the armpits?! We bring you a simple and effective solution!

The dark circles under the armpits are appearing because of shaving, because the hair root is visible even after, then because of sweating that darkens the skin over time, because of antiperspirants, deodorants and because of dead skin cells.

Primarily, it’s important to stop shaving and start using a wax. It will be painful, but at the end it will be worth. With waxing, the hair root will be also removed, so you won’t have dark circles anymore.

But the hairs are not the only problem. Maybe the dark circles are caused by frequent use of some deodorants or antiperspirants, so try to change the brand, because it maybe contains some chemical which is not good for your skin.

You can even replace the deodorants with lemon juice, which is also a good remedy for whitening of the skin and it gives a fresh smell.

The dead skin cells are another cause of the dark circles, so you better remove them with a peeling.