You’re not aware what a chili pepper oil can do to your body! See how can you prepare it and use it!

This oil is made of chili pepper and helps in case of myositis, radiculitis, neuralgia, joint pains and rheumatism.

This oil belongs to the irritating oils group. Acts as a stimulator and widens the capillaries, strengthens the vitamin metabolism, increases the blood circulation and acts on activating of the regenerative processes of the skin’s epidermis.


  • 2 glasses of olive oil
  • 10 fresh chili peppers
  • 1 jar


Wash well the peppers, cut the top of the pepper and grind it. Put it in the jar and pour the olive oil. Keep it on a dark place.

After 7 days, strain the mixture through a gaze.


Rub the oil on the problematic areas few times a day. After rubbing the oil, put on socks if you have problems with your feet. Warm the other parts of the body, if you have problems with the other body parts.

In time, you can lower the frequency of usage per day.