You have tried this for sure, but instead of using cold, you have used hot water!

How many times have you foundered your feet in a washbowl with hot water? Or at least you have heard that it is a great therapy against cold? Everything fine, but instead of hot, you had to pour cold water in the washbowl!

Maybe it sounds a bit strange, but after the explanation of the inventor of this therapy, Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky, that this therapy is one of the most successful methods for lifting the immunity, you will try it right away.

If you have a weak immunity and it happens all the time to get cold, you had every flu and you have allergic reactions on everything – you will need only 15 seconds a day and by the time, you will strengthen your immunity completely.

Fill the washbowl with a very cold water. It is best to add few ice cubes in this water, then put the legs in it and stand in it for 15 seconds (hopping is allowed), then get out of the water, wipe them with a towel and put on a wool socks.

Repeat this procedure every day and your immunity will start functioning, and after some time you won’t be vulnerable to any disease.